Very Early Plans :-)

I'd always wanted to fit a V8 to my Esprit - but no silly plans of using a Rover unit here, of course, this is a Lotus and weight distribution and handling are every bit as important as power

This "exotic fuel additive called V8" that seemed to be widely available did get me thinking though: could this be the answer to my dreams...

Alas it didn't work and smelt strangley of vegetables! - a Castrol R thing, or was I on the wrong track?

My young sons , Nathan, Mitchell and Jordan, were always involved with the plans for my "dream car"

Two of my boys, the twins Nathan, Mitchell (left to right, pictured on the right) Mitch and Nate came to the Donnington Lotus festival back in 92/93 (before my other son Jordan was born) and studied the backbone chassis construction of the Turbo Esprit

They noted the space in the engine cradle for a V8...

They also spotted an Esprit GT2 racer... Didn't they make a V8 version of this Dad?